Okinawa has worst mortality rate from liver decease

According to a survey by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the age-adjusted mortality rate from liver decease per 100,000 persons, is the highest in nation in Okinawa, for both men and women.

The survey also showed that the mortality rate from diabetes for both men and women has grown worse compared to the results of the previous survey conducted 10 years ago. Especially, the rate for women was nationally highest. A specialist involved in the surveys, says, “Especially, people over 64 years old are less health conscious than younger generations.”

A liver disease could become chronic and progress to become cirrhosis. In Okinawa there are many cases of liver decease caused by alcohol, as the alcohol intake of Okinawan men is twice the national average.

The survey covered the deaths in 2015, and the mortality rate from liver decease for men was 18.7, and 6 for women per 100,000 people.

The survey also found that Okinawan men are nationally on the third place for suicide, with 5.6 points higher rate than the national average.

Takeshi Tana, the director of Shuri Joukamachi Clinic and a specialist in adult deceases, stated that “It’s important to have a medical check once a year even when one is still young, and start corrective treatments early when problems are found.”

14:28 14 Jul , 2024