OkiPark Vol.14 Nakagusuku Park


Nakagusuku Park is an Okinawa Prefecture managed park, located in parts both in Nakagusuku and Kitanakagusuku Villages in central Okinawa.

The park has a huge playing field with a large collection of playground equipment. One of the specialties of the park is the separation of areas according to children’s age.

Infants have their own area that is designed to be very safe and has many benches for parents. Mid-age area has soft equipment designed for high activity and fun aimed at children up to elementary school age.

The area for older children who are very active features giant-size playground gear and trampoline-like structures for kids to jump on and run.

Roofs of the structures are also designed as places for kids to play. The play field is huge in size, and the park has plenty of nice areas for picnics.

370-2 Hiratabaru, Ogidou, Kitanakagusuku village.



16:44 27 Feb , 2024