Seaside Refle Mu knows how to make customers relax

Seaside Refle Mu is an esthetic salon specializing in aroma oil massages. It’s located right next to Chatan Sunset Beach on the first floor of Chura-yu bathing facility in Mihama, Chatan.

The salon is popular among both domestic and overseas tourists. People staying in nearby Hotel Hilton and Laguna Garden Hotel in Ginowan, often come after visiting the salon’s website. The interior is mostly in brown hues and decoration in the treatment space is Asian with comfortable chairs for foot massages and stylish, dimmed-light private spaces for other treatments.

It’s an enjoyment in itself when a well-trained therapist spreads the oils on your body from toes to neck slowly and gently.

The treatments are based on gentle massages using aroma oils, and are quite different from strong and hard massages, such as Thai and lymphatic massages or Shiatsu finger-pressure treatment. Although many people like a strong massage, one should at least try an aroma massage, as it’s very effective. Of course, the strong treatment is available to customers who like it.

According to Seaside Refle Mu Store Manager Tomoko Mekaru, “Aromatherapy is basically explained as the effect of essential oils reaching into the brain through the nose and skin, which effectively triggers a physiological and mental response in you.”

Mu offers two special course treatments of 60 and 90 minutes that cover the whole body and cost ¥6,500 and ¥9,500 respectively. The treatment starts with filling out an interview sheet (English version available) to determine your specific needs. Using Mu’s original blended aroma oil, and blended carrier oil together with sweet almond and jojoba oils, a skilled and well-trained aroma therapist gently spread the oil on your skin over your whole body from toes to head taking her time. Although the therapist’s finger pressure is not very strong, her hands move in steady lapping and returning waves, almost as if you might feel floating away in the deep of the sea.

Individual treatments including facial and foot massages are also available.

Mu also has a deluxe plan of 120 minutes for ¥13,000, which includes body, facial and foot treatments. Mentioning to staff that you read OkinaWanderer, will get you a ¥1,000 discount for the body treatment, and a ¥2,000 discount for the deluxe plan.

Mekaru says “We have a lot of distinctive herbs, agricultural and marine products in Okinawa, such as Shiquasa (Okinawan citrus) and Getto leaves (shell ginger) from Ogimi Village, seaweed and Okinawan clay, which have proven good for the health and beauty. We want many people to enjoy special treatments only available in Okinawa.

Chairs for foot massages are extremely comfortable and relaxing.

Mekaru says that male customers are very welcome, and increasing. “Why not give a treatment gift coupon to one’s boyfriend, husband or father as a present?” she suggests. “And for moms, aroma oil is the best treatment for sun-damaged skin, while the husband and children spend time on the beach next door,” she concludes.

Seaside Refle Mu is located in the Chura-yu bathhouse next to Beach Tower Hotel.

There is plenty of free parking in front of Chura-yu and the salon. Their website in English is at

The salon is open every day from 13:00 to 21:00 with the last appointment at 20:30. The phone number is 098-926-2657.


14:33 14 Jul , 2024