43rd National Tree Planting Ceremony at Convention Center

Okinawa Prefecture announced Thursday the holding of “The 43rd National Tree Planting Ceremony” at Okinawa Convention Center in the fall of 2019. A ceremony called “Oteue-shiki” to prune the Ryukyu pine tree that the Emperor planted during the Planting Ceremony in 1993 is scheduled to be held at Heiwasouzou-no-mori Park in Itoman City. The details of the event will be formally decided at the end of October.

The plans were confirmed at the preparation committee meeting Sep. 7. It’s expected that there will be 3,500 to 5,000 participants in the Planting Ceremony from all over Japan, and to accommodate the expected crowds, the venue for “Oteue-shiki” and the ceremony will be divided.

The public is invited to submit suggestions for the ceremony’s theme and emblem by Oct. 15th.


08:25 30 May , 2024