8-year-old boy on bicycle fatally crashes into car

A car fatally crashed into a 8-year-old boy riding on a children’s bicycle with a second boy on the back at an intersection in Yonashiro, Nichihara Town Sunday afternoon.

According to Nishihara Police, Yuzuki Tamashiro, a 3td grade student at an elementary school who was driving the bicycle, fell hard to the ground, and was pronounced dead later on the same day.

Another 8-year-old boy who had been riding on the back of the same bicycle suffered slight injuries that were not life threatening.

The driver of the car who’s in his 60’s was not injured.

Police say the accident site is a gentle slope. When the bicycle was going down the slope, they crashed into the at an intersection. Considering the slight damage of both the car and the bicycle, police suspect that bicycle did not travel very fast but the crash threw the boy off the bicycle with fatal consequences. Reportedly, there were no brake marks of the car nor the bicycle on the road.


13:36 25 May , 2024