Artist Theo Jansen’s “live” artworks first time in Okinawa

“Theo Jansen Exhibition Okinawa 2017” art exhibition sponsored by Theo Jansen Exhibition Committee with special cooperation by Okinawa Times newspaper is scheduled to open Oct. 3 at Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum.

Theo Jansen is a world-renowned artist who builds large mechanisms using PVC as their building material that can move on their own. The kinetic sculptures that appear to walk are collectively called Strandbeest, a coined word of his own meaning “beach creatures”. Hansen says they are intended to be a fusion of art and engineering.

The installation of the works started Wednesday. About 10 staff worked together to prepare the exhibition by connecting pipes and injecting lubricating oil to the joints.

Jansen has held exhibitions all over the world, but this is his first in Okinawa. The exhibition consists of a total of 15 works.


00:56 22 May , 2024