Blue Seal renews its “Polar Bear”

Foremost Blueseal Ltd. renewed for its popular cockle sand ice cream product “Polar Bear” has stopped using a double-package to make it environmentally friendlies and enhanced its cacao flavor. Polar Bear is sold at company stores and retail shops throughout the prefecture.

Polar Bear has been sold since 1948, and this is the first full-fledged renewal of the product. The change in the ingredients makes the treat less prone to melting. The logo of the white bear on the package was also changed. The price stays the same ¥130 excluding tax as before.

At the press conference on Tuesday, Masaaki Mizuta, the CEO of Foremost Blueseal, said, “We decided to renew our long-standing product Polar Bear to enhance is deliciousness to match modern tastes. We hope the renewed product would become a long-beloved item by many people.”

14:47 29 May , 2024