Donation to abandoned animals made easy

Homme femme Inc., a company running pet shops on Okinawa, has started a campaign asking a ¥20 donation from customers. The donation is made easy and requires just a scan of a barcode on a card at the checkout counter. The ¥20 donation is then added to the total bill.

The donations will be used to find new homes to abandoned pets and for neutering drives. Homme femme started the service in August at three of their shops, including Pet Box Naha and Chatan shops, and the aim is to spread the campaign to convenience stores in Okinawa.

The campaign started Aug. 3rd and, as of Sep. 21st, 1,149 donations have been made totaling ¥22,980. When you donate, a message of “Pet ribbon donation 20 yen” will be printed on the receipt.

The donations will be collected to a fund, and will be used to help abandoned pets. Organizers are considering to use the donations to cover costs of a shelter for abandoned animals.

In Okinawa, a total of 1,532 dogs and cats were euthanized last fiscal year. This means that about four are euthanized each day. More than 200 of the total were taken by their owners to the facility to be destroyed.

Satsuki Miyara, the managing director of Homme femme, says, “We, as a seller of pets, may also be a cause for so many animals being euthanized, and that causes us to feel a bit discontent.” As a pet shop owner, she says she wish as many animals as possible would enjoy a long and peaceful life.

01:11 22 May , 2024