Habu discovery on Aguni prompts habitat research

Okinawa Prefecture Department of Public Health and Medical Care announced Monday the discovery of a live habu snake on Aguni Island, about 60 km northwest of Naha, for the first time ever.

Following the discovery, the department sent antitoxin to Aguni Medical Office, Tuesday, and planned to start a research on the island soon to determine its range of habitat.

According to the Department of Public Health and Medical Care, a man who was working on a demolition site in Aguni Village Saturday afternoon, noticed an unfamiliar snake while operating an excavator. He scooped it with his excavator, and called the village office.

The snake was taken to the village office, but it died over the weekend, and was taken Monday to prefecture health officials for identification. The snake was confirmed to be about one-meter-long female habu, Officials estimated it was 2 to 3 years old.

An official at the division says, “It’s very likely that the snake got to the island with cargo on a ship, or maybe someone brought it on purpose.” The division is planning to conduct a thorough investigation on the island to determine whether there are any living habus on Aguni.

00:49 28 May , 2024