“Henza Los Angeles” enters Chinese mail order website

Products of “Henza Los Angeles”, a fashion brand created by Okinawan Rena Henza, has been included in the line-up of the fashion website “Tabbao”, the largest fashion mail order website in China.

The management of the website expects that Henza’s designs with a concept of “an independent woman” would be highly appreciated by women in China, where women’s participation in the workforce continues to rise. “Henza Los Angeles” is featured on the top page, and also promoted on social networks associated with Tabbao..

The website is called “TGC Mall” that specially features women’s fashion brands. It was launched in July and features Japanese brands popular in China. The site had up to 110,000 members as of September, and aims to increase the membership to one million.

Henza features colorful and expansive designs, which are popular among models and TV personalities in Tokyo.

In China, the number of women who are particular about their clothes has been increasing in line with its economic growth.

Henza signed the contract on Sep. 8, and exhibits 80 items including one pieces, blouses, and accessories. In the future, Henza plans to sell new products every season, and increase the number of items.

00:48 21 May , 2024