Hot and humid summer days forecast to continue

Okinawa Meteorological Observatory recorded the temperature in Naha at 11:41 a.m. Wednesday, at 33.5 degrees centigrade. The observatory has recorded 79 consecutive days with temperature rising above 30 degrees starting June 20, marking the longest continuous period of hot days ever in Naha since the records started in 1890.

This year, the temperature has exceeded 30 degrees in Nago for 68 consecutive days starting July 1. Minami Daito Island has had 77 consecutive hot days since June 22, and Miyako Island 65 since July 4th.

An observatory on Aguni Island recorded 35.0 degrees on Sep. 6th afternoon, which is the hottest day this year and a new record for September since 2003 when the statistics were started. Kita Daito Island also made a new record for September at 33.5 degrees on the same day. The temperature exceeded 30 degrees at all observation points in Okinawa Prefecture on Sep. 6th.

The Meteorological Observatory forecasts the temperatures during the next two weeks to be considerably higher than average because the Pacific anticyclone will cover Okinawa. According to the Observatory, “The temperatures over the next one month will also be high, even if there could be rain.”

01:14 22 May , 2024