Miyako Airport facility will be extended in 2019

The higher than expected increase in the number of tourists visiting Miyako Island has prompted the Miyako Airport Terminal administrators to decide to expand the airport terminal facility.

Airport officials announced Tuesday that, because of the shortage of space, they plan to expand the passenger waiting room inside the safety inspection area on the second floor of the building by about 400 square meters. The basic and detailed design is scheduled within this fiscal year, and the construction to begin in 2018 with the aim to complete the project for use from 2019.

According to officials at the Miyako Airport Terminal, the present building was completed in 1997, designed on assumption of one million passengers per year. However, the number rose to 1.55 million in 2016. The busiest time at the airport is around 3 in the afternoon when many direct flights to Japan Mainland depart, and passengers stand in the long lines stretching up to 100 meters waiting for the safety check, and too many people in the waiting room have to stand as there’s no room to sit down.

Terminal officials say there has been a discussions about expanding the facility since 2011. To alleviate the problem, the Prefecture has decided on a basic policy of Japan TransOcean Airline (JTA) and All Nippon Airlines (ANA) using the Miyako Airport, and any other carrier would be directed to use the Shimojishima Airport. That decision prompted the discussion between the Terminal, JTA, and ANA about expanding the building that led to the plan that will be put into practice.

01:52 22 May , 2024