“NUNUSAAA” aims to promote Ryukyu Kasuri and Hanaori

“NUNUSAAA”, a joint project by three weaving studio owners representing second and third generation Ryukyu Kasuri (Ikat) and Haebaru Hanaori (flower pattern textiles) makers, is working on creating wider appeal of Kasuri and Hanaori. The project aims to connect people interested in the traditional handicrafts through SNS and organizing many events. The project focus is on the manufacturers and background of the works rather than the products themselves.

“NUNUSAAA” is the brainchild of 43-year-old Takuya Oshiro, 53-year-old Mikiko Oshiro and 36-year-old Kouji Ohshiro, who all have taken over their family studios that make Kasuri and Hanaori using traditional techniques. At the same time, they are also aiming to create new and different products, like garments that are easier to wear than a traditional Kimono.

They have created a website where visitors can see their photos and interviews. They started an Instagram account this May that shows their works, designs, dyed yarns, and the process of making the traditional textiles.

“There are many people who have never worn Ryukyu Kasuri or Hanaori in Haebaru, the place of their origin, and they are little known elsewhere in Japan,” said Mikiko Oshiro. She believes she needs to develop new products and spread information to make the products more attractive.

The group’s Instagram’s account name is nunusaaa official.


00:52 21 May , 2024