OCVB and Nanpo Co. collaborate in making shortbread product

Nanpo Co., and Naha based bakery, and Okinawa Convention Bureau (OCVB) announced Tuesday that they have jointly developed a cookie for sale as a souvenir called “Okinawa Seaside Story.” This is the first time the OCVB has taken part in the development of a souvenir.

At a press conference held at Naha Airport, OCVB Director Choukei Taira, stated, “Today is the first step for us”, and implied that there would be more products to come.

On the package, OCVB mascot characters are in front with the background of the blue ocean and sky of Okinawa. A box contains 36 pieces in two flavors – salty milk and salty caramel – and sells for ¥1,080 (including tax). They are sold at the Naha Airport and souvenir shops on Kokusai Street. Smaller package containing 18 cookies and selling for ¥648, and a special package for Miyakojima will go for sale soon.

Parts of the profits will be used for OCVB projects. According to Taira, most of the money would be used to develop human resources in tourism industry, and to make signs in multiple languages.

05:06 15 Jun , 2024