Okinawa fathers best in “family love” in Japan

According to results of a survey “Ten thousand fathers in Japan” by Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd., fathers in Okinawa were deemed to have the biggest love to their family, spending most time together with family during weekends, and go home earlier on family members’ birthdays.

At the same time, fathers in Okinawa also ranked in the 3rd place for their aggressive work attitudes.

The survey was one of the projects to commemorate the 20th anniversary of “Wonda”, a coffee brand of Asahi, and was conducted through the company website in January and February. The target was married males in their 20’s to 50’s with one or more children of junior high school age or older. About 10,000 fathers were selected from a former survey and asked about their attitudes towards their work. More than six out of 10 answered.

For the questionnaire regarding “love for family”, 83.2% of Okinawan fathers answered they “try to go home earlier on family members’ birthdays” putting them on the first spot nationally and 13.3 points over the national average of 69.9%. For the question whether they “enjoy events with family members”, 75.9% of Okinawan fathers answered yes, which also was nationally No.1, and 9.6 points over the average of 66.3%.

For the questions regarding work, Okinawa fathers ranked in the 3rd place to descriptions, “I like my present job” or “I have something that I want to accomplish with my job”.

Asahi Soft Drinks analyses that Okinawa fathers are “good at balancing work and family time” and “try to do their best during events”.


03:37 15 Jun , 2024