Okinawa has nationally highest birth rate 43rd consecutive year

According to the demographic statistics of Okinawa 2016, the birth rate per the 1,000 population is 11.6, a decrease of 0.3 points from the previous year, but still the highest in Japan.

Announcing the numbers last week, the Okinawa Prefecture Public Health and Medical Policy Division points out that Okinawa has been in the first place for 43 consecutive years. The figure is 3.8 points higher than the national average of 7.8.

The mortality rate in the prefecture is 8.2 that is nationally lowest for the 15th consecutive year.

The number of births in the prefecture was 16,617 in 2016 that decreased by 324 from a year ago. The number of deaths was 11,706, an increase of 382 from the previous year. The natural increase of the population was 4,911 that is 704 less than a year before.

Regarding the cause of deaths, 3,074 people died of cancers, followed by heart disease 1,670, cerebrovascular disease 932, and pneumonia at 872. 746 people died of unspecified causes.

8,464 people tied the knot that were 231 fewer than the previous year. The marriage rate per 1,000 people was 5.9 (6.1 in the previous year) that is the second highest nationally. 3,700 divorced that is 97 more than the previous year. The divorce rate per population of 1,000 was 2.59 (2.53 the previous year) that also is the nationally highest for the 14th consecutive year.

00:50 21 May , 2024