Ong’s Thai Massage Okinawa can provide you official Certificate

­Thai massage is one of the best-known icons of Thai culture that many people have experienced first-hand when visiting Thailand. In Thailand, there are many schools that teach Thai massage and issue official Government Certificates to people who complete the course, even to foreigners. But not many people know that it’s not necessary to travel to get one. In a matter of fact, one can get the training and certificate right here on Okinawa. Ong’s Thai Massage Okinawa in Minatogawa, Urasoe, is certified to train and issue official certificates.

After completing a class, you get an official certificate.

The school is very new and opened just in June. Yurika Tomori who originally is from Miyako Island, graduated from an acupuncture school in Tokyo, and subsequently went to Thailand to take a class in a Thai massage school. She wanted to add Thai massage to her acupuncture skills to widen the appeal of her future acupuncture clinic.

While taking classes in Thailand, she met Ohm, a massage teacher. The two fell in love, and eventually got married. Ohm is also a nephew of the owner of Ong’s Thai Massage School, and it was only natural that he was trained in Thai massage from an early age. He also became a certified massage teacher and taught students from all over the world. Yurika and Ohm decided to move to Okinawa, and set up a Thai massage clinic and school in Urasoe City.

Yurika Tomori (left) Ohm (right)

Naturally, the clinic provides Thai massages by certified masseuses, but one can also become a Thai Government certified masseuse at the Ong’s Thai Massage Okinawa. The school provides classes on several levels, including basic, professional, foot massage and more. The Basic Class consists of 30 hours of lessons and costs ¥74,000 including the certificate.

According to Yurika, “Most people take classes five hours a day, so they can earn the basic certificate in six days, but we can work a flexible schedule, too, if a student so desires.” She explains that some people have adjusted the lesson schedule and, for example, have taken three hours a day for 10 days.

Acupuncture is also available as it’s Yurika’s specialty. She explains, “Blood flow in a body is very important, and muscle aches or numbness can be cured by fixing the blood flow. I can alleviate pain by using my knowledge of both acupuncture and Thai massage.” She assures that it’s not necessary to be tired every day, suffer stiff shoulders, edema or any other similar problem. She welcomes anyone to visit, “And if you like our style, you can take lessons and care for your body yourself, or give massages to your friends and family. If you’re serious, you can open your own massage therapy clinic after taking special classes and getting the certificate.”

Cupping and acupuncture are Yurika Tomori’s specialty treatments.

The school is currently scheduling a special diploma seminars by teacher Jeaw. “Care after childbirth” is on Oct. 16 and 17, “Massage for pregnant mothers and baby” is Oct. 18, 19 and 20, and “Guasa therapy” on Oct. 21 and 22. Each seminar has space for 8 persons only, and costs ¥32,000 including text, materials and the diploma publication fee. If interested, call Ong’s Thai Massage Okinawa at 070-4479-2761, email or check their Facebook page at “Ong’s Thai Massage Okinawa”.

Teacher Jeaw will visit Ong’s Thai Massage Okinawa from Thailand to conduct a special diploma seminar in October.

Ong’s Thai Massage Okinawa is located at 1F 2-9-2 Minatogawa, Urasoe City.

14:54 29 May , 2024