Surfer drowns off Kin coast

A fellow surfer found a male surfer floating face down off the coast of Kin Town, Thursday afternoon. He was lifted onboard a nearby fishing boat but died.

An emergency phone call to Kin Fire Station rescue team said, “A surfer was found floating near the mouth of Okukubigawa River. He was rescued into a boat, but is in cardiac arrest.”

According to Nakagusuku Coast Guard, 48-year-old Haruhisa Aizu, the owner of a marine leisure shop in Onna Village, was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Officials at the Coast Guard Safety Department say Aizu had been surfing with his friends. One of the friends noticed him floating face down, went for his rescue, and called a nearby fishing boat for help. However, he was already in cardiac arrest when he was lifted onboard.

The Coast Guard Safety Department is investigating the accident.

01:49 22 May , 2024