The Matsuri Okinawa, bringing all the beauty of Okinawa culture to you!

For many newcomers to the island, Okinawa is a place of intrigue and wonderment. And if you stay on the island long enough, you will find that Okinawans love to celebrate.

In fact, there probably isn’t a weekend that goes by without some kind of celebration happening on the island. Though festivities are a common occurrence here, it is a rare occasion to see many of these traditional, celebrational aspects of Okinawa culture combined into one dynamic performance.

And thus, I present to you, ‘The Matsuri Okinawa’, a brand-new event that began this year which highlights the various elements of Okinawa culture into a one-hour program. The event’s title is fitting; for matsuri is Japanese for the word festival. And after attending this event, you will no doubt be left in a festive mood. You will find yourself suddenly immersed by the heart riveting performances of Eisa dancers, feel the thundering sounds of taiko drums, enchanted by the mystique of traditional Ryukuan dancing, and hear some of Okinawa’s most popular songs, live.

Okinawan Dance (Yotsudake)


Matsuri Okinawa is sponsored by the Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCVB). The goal is to bring Okinawa culture to both new visitors to the island, as well showcase Okinawa’s beautiful culture to the local population; a moment of pride for the Okinawan people.


Kachashi Dance

The performance is narrated both in English and in Chinese and is directed by Mr. Tatsuaki Takanoha, who has experience on bringing the traditional arts to the spotlight. The Matsuri Okinawa takes place every Tuesday evening at 1900 (with the exception during Obon) till October 10th.

You will not want to miss this rare opportunity for this fabulous event. All ages are welcome! Discount tickets can be purchased in advance online at For military personnel aboard Kadena Airbase and Camp Butler, tickets can also be purchased at Kadena ITT and MCCS ticket offices.

Please see The Matsuri Okinawa website (aforementioned above) for event location and scheduled dates. So, what are you waiting for? Get a taste of the festivities; a taste of Okinawa culture! Come check out The Matsuri Okinawa!

08:27 18 Jun , 2024