Tomigusuku factories woo visitors with stamp rally

Uema Kashiten, Okinawa Tokusan Hanbai, Chuko Shuzou, and “Komomachi Design”, a consulting company, are joining forces to invigorate the local area by the just launched “Tomigusuku Ai Project”.

As their first project, the companies decided to hold a stamp rally from Oct. 7th through 15th, The aim is to enhance and publicize the attractiveness of Tomigusuku City. During the rally, visitors to the three participating factories receive stamps from them into a special passport.

With a concept of “A little better things of Okinawa, a little better living in Okinawa”, the participants promote specialties of Tomigusuku and invite people to visit.

After visiting the three factories and receiving the stamp, participants are entered in a raffle for gifts of awamori and sweets. The factories are preparing tastings of their products, and free gifts for visitors during the rally. Participating to the rally is free of charge.


02:03 22 May , 2024