Uchina Farm wine wins gold medal second time

Representatives of Uchina Farm visited Itoman City Office Sep. 8 to report winning the top award at “Japan Wine Challenge 2017”, Asia’s oldest, largest and most prestigious wine competition, for the second year in row. 1700 wines from 30 countries all over the world took part in the competition.

“Shikuwasa Wine” from Uchina Farm received the International and Regional Awards that are the top prizes in the fruit wine category.

Uchina Farm’s “Mango Wine” received the Partum Gold Award last year, making this the second consecutive year for the farms to win the top prize. Their “Shikuwasa Wine” received the gold prize, while their “Acerola Wine” received the bronze.

Masato Aikawa, the executive manager of the farm, said, “Our wine was valued for the use of 100% of Okinawa produce and fruity aroma and taste. We would like to continue to make wine that introduces the best of Okinawan ingredients to the world.”

Akira Uehara, the Itoman City Mayor, said, “Everybody likes Uchina Farm wine whenever I present it as a gift outside Okinawa. I hope they would receive the gold prize again next year.”

00:20 21 May , 2024