“Urasoe Machi-Zemi” aims to teach skills

“The 1st Urasoe Machi-Zemi,” a public seminar teaching various skills and techniques is now accepting participants. The Urasoe City Store Owners’ Association sponsored seminar features owners of local stores giving lectures on their specialties for free.

The program consists of 33 lectures between Sep. 16 and Oct. 13. Attending is free, but some of the lectures involve using of material which are charged at cost. The seminars will have no sales or promotions.

Lecture topics include a “Make-up Lesson to make you 5 years younger,” how “To Have a Good Night Sleep”, “Secrets of Child-rearing”, “Walking Trip on Yafuso Streer” and more.

A pamphlet listing the lectures is available at Urasoe Municipal Office and Urasoe Chamber of Commerce. Interested persons need to call each shop directly to apply for participation. For more information, call Urasoe Chamber of Commerce at 098-877-4606.

23:45 20 May , 2024