57 vacant houses in Naha in danger of collapsing

According to the results of a 2016 survey of vacant houses by Naha City, there were 473 vacant houses in the city, and 57 of them were in danger of collapsing. It’s also possible that the number could increase, as more information about the houses is reported. City officials say they are considering measures to rectify the problem within this fiscal year.

The owners 169 vacant houses were unknown. Out of 323 vacant houses that officials could survey visually, 137 (42.4%) were “partly damaged on the roof, or possibly in danger of falling apart”. 49 (15.2%) houses seemed to be “stocked” with garbage, and 96 (29.7%) were “overgrown” with weeds and 86 (26.7%) of them described as “thickly overgrown”.

The largest number of the vacant houses were in Hantagawa (18), Makishi (17), and Mihara (16) distrits

Makishi, Shikina, and Sobe had houses that were most damaged and considered in danger of collapse.

09:58 30 May , 2024