Approaching typhoon Saola causes event cancellations

Organizers are cancelling many events scheduled for the weekend, as it’s possible that typhoon Saola, the 22nd typhoon of the season, will come close to Okinawa Main Island this weekend.

The “Okinawa Industry Festival”, one of the most popular events of the year that had 240,000 visitors last year, is cancelled for all three days scheduled.

Some events that were moved from last weekend because of typhoon Lan, and now organizers are facing a dilemma whether to move them again or cancel altogether.

The “Karate Day Anniversary Performance Festival” was scheduled for Oct. 29th on Kokusai Street in Naha. The event that is sponsored by Okinawa Prefecture is expected to gather more than 2,000 karate practitioners to perform on the street in unison. Organizers say they will wait until Friday to decide whether the event is on or cancelled.

01:09 22 May , 2024