Bullfighting Tournament tickets to include meal, drinks

“Ishikawa Machinaka Long Table”, an event after a bullfighting tournament, is planned for the Ishikawa Dome in Uruma City this Saturday. There will be a special venue for visitors to enjoy meals and shopping during the tournament.

Tickets that can be used for meals, drinks at neighboring restaurants cost ¥3,500, reservation in advance only.

This will be the first Machinaka Long Table event sponsored by the Uruma Local Association. The association wishes to invigorate the community by educating the bullfight audience about street markets in the area.

After the tournament, the audience can move to a special venue to enjoy meals together at a long table, and use the advance ticket to buy drinks or do shopping.

The organizers also prepare bus tours to the event from Naha. For details, contact the Uruma Chamber of Commerce Ishikawa Branch at 098-964-3104.

21:54 24 Jun , 2024