Cafe Green Green offers place to enjoy “the good life”

As its name implies, Cafe Green Green is literally surrounded by green and more green! The cafe located on a winding residential street in Kitanakagusuku, and you’d never find it without checking the location on Google map before a visit, but when you reach the cafe, you sure feel that you are in a place where you can truly relax and feel the aroma of the nature.
Of course, Green Green is not only about location, but the meals of the cafe are also great. The specialty is local chicken called “Fukuyuki Jidori” which are free range grown on a dedicated chicken farm in the southernmost part of Okinawa Island.

The result is a very mild tasting chicken with no odor at all. A popular dish on the menu is the Green Curry served with the Fukuyuki Jidori chicken and local Okinawan vegetables. The taste is very hot, but it’s impossible to stop to eat once you start.

Green Green’s entrance on a residential street.

Another popular dish “Pho” comes with noodles made of rice flour, Fukuyuki Jidori chicken and a salad of local vegetables. Each lunch dish includes a soft drink and dessert.
Café Owner Seiya Mekaru says, “We have free WiFi in the cafe, so many people just stop by and have a cup of coffee while web-surfing and having a good time. Some work, others read a book, enjoy the nice surroundings and listen to birds chirping.”

Even the interior of the café is close to the greenery outside.

“Fukuyuki Jidori” chicken dishes are the mainstay, and very tasty and healthy.

Cafe Green Green is open 11:00~17:00 every day except closed on Thursdays. Their address is 953 Toguchi, Kitanakagusuku Village, and the telephone number 098-800-2058. The cafe has a facebook page “cafe Green Green” and its location on Google Maps is at Relax and enjoy the good life.

14:12 25 May , 2024