FamilyMart stores put university student created products on sale

Okinawa FamilyMart started selling seven new products developed by a hands-on internship program employing students from seven universities in Okinawa. The items went on sale at all 320 branches in Okinawa on Tuesday. The products will be on sale through the 23rd of this month.

With a theme of “cheering up Okinawa!”, the students spent three months to develop the products and promoting them. The products are an Omelette Curry Omusubi (by Okinawa Women’s College), Rice Bowl of Beef and Chicken (by Okinawa University), Chicken Compare lunchbox (by Meio University), Rice Bowl with Egg Benedict (by University of Ryukyu), Flat Lemon Cream Bread (by Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts), Kinako Cream Puff (by Okinawa Christian University), and Purple Potato Pie (by Okinawa International University).

09:02 30 May , 2024