Ginoza facility looking for tenant restaurants

Ginoza Village is looking for 1 to 3 tenant restaurants to a sightseeing facility now under construction.

Ginoza Village has been constructing since 2011 a “River Park Management Business” project to make Ginoza Road Station as a base for sightseeing. The construction started in October last year, and it’s scheduled to be complete by January 2018. The facility would open for business around April.

The facility area is 13,220 square meters. It offers hands-on experiences in canoeing and educational programs. The facility will be managed by the Ginoza Village Tourism Association.

Tetsuya Kinjo of the Tourism Division of Ginoza Chamber of Commerce and Industry, says, “This is one of the regional development promotions, and we would like as many restaurants as possible to apply to help invigorate the area.”

Applications will be accepted through Oct. 31. For details, call the Tourism Division of the Ginoza Village Chamber of Commerce and Industry at 098-968-5125.

05:46 30 May , 2024