Kumi Bridge in Naha reopens after delays, cost overruns

The Kumi Bridge replacement construction in Kumoji, Naha City, has been completed after several delays, and the bridge reopened Saturday. The demolition of the temporary bridge and detour, and the shore protection work are still be continuing through October.

A representative of Naha City apologized to the public for the delays. “We were aiming to reopen the bridge in the end of September, and we apologize that the prolonged construction has caused trouble for many people. We would like to complete the rest of the work as soon as possible.”

The construction was originally supposed to commence in Nov. 2014, and be complete by Mar. 2015. However, the construction was delayed from the get go because of a review of the construction method. The construction itself was delayed because no one bud for the construction, and then the damming construction took longer because of the firm ground of the river bottom. The construction cost rose to ¥343 million, which is about 1.8 times more than the initial estimate.


01:03 21 May , 2024