New portal website helps people move to Ishigaki Island

Ishigaki City launched Oct. 2 a new portal website with information on real estate in Ishigaki for people who consider moving to the island.

The aim is to make it more convenient for people to move and settle to Ishigaki. The City concluded on Sep. 28 an agreement with a vacant house bank Yaeyama Chiku Takuchi Tatemono Torihiki Gyousyakai to run the site.

The website is a part of a 5-year project to support moving and settling to Ishigaki. From the website, one can get information about the support system, and a schedule of a variety of events.

Regarding the vacant house bank, the plan is look for real estate, especially in the northern part of Ishigaki Island where the population is decreasing, and to introduce properties to people who wish to move.

The agreement was concluded to avoid trouble with the owners of the vacant houses and people who want move to the area.


06:41 01 Mar , 2024