November named “Awamori Month”

Okinawa Awamori Distillers Association has named November an “Awamori Month”, making efforts to promote the sales of the local tipple at special events and public activities.

The association did public relations efforts in the past with an “Awamori Day” or “Koshu Day”, but switched to “Awamori Month” to prolong the activities to fight the trend of shrinking sales of awamori. The sales have gone down for 12 consecutive years.

From 1st through 5th November, an event to promote awamori is scheduled for Shuri Castle Park, with a panel exhibition, tasting of 46 kinds of awamori, and a variety of workshops.

Other efforts to increase the number of awamori fans include a website with a quiz about awamori by the Awamori Queen, running a campaign with a bottle of awamori as a prize for posting a photo of toasting with awamori, and more.

On Nov. 2nd, an event aiming to attract 10,000 people together toast with awamori at 8 p.m. The Awamori 10,000 Toasting Executive Committee is organizing the event that takes place at local bars and pubs.


01:15 22 May , 2024