Okinawa Expressway celebrates 30th anniversary

A survey by West Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd. of the use of the Okinawa Expressway celebrating its 30th anniversary of operation this October, shows that users took 50 million trips on it in 2016, five times more than in 1988 when the full length of the road was opened. The total number of trips so far has reached 890 million.

In addition to local users, the number of tourists in rental cars has increased rapidly. According to an earlier survey by Okinawa Prefecture, about 60% of tourists visiting Okinawa use rental cars, and 66% of them use the Okinawa Expressway. One of the most popular courses for tourists is renting a car at Naha Airport, and driving on Okinawa Expressway up to Kyoda interchange on a visit to the Churaumi Aquarium.

Okinawa Expressway first opened from Ishikawa to Kyoda in 1975, and was extended to Naha in 1987.

West Nippon Expressway Co. is planning to run a campaign in October to celebrate the 30-year milestone. For details, visit their website. (in Japanese only)


00:08 26 Jun , 2024