Old Naha Nouren Plaza to close this month

Naha Nouren Plaza, a farmers’ market that has served Naha customers since 1953 will close at the end of this month, as a new facility to replace the aging structure is opening nearby.

The new “Nouren Plaza” in Higawa, Naha City, where member farmers of the Agricultural Center Market Business Cooperative will sell their produce is completed with the inauguration ceremony taking place on Oct. 17. The tenant owners are transferring their shops to the new facility starting Wednesday, and the transfer is expected to be complete by the end of the month.

The new “Nouren Plaza” is a 3-story building, where its 120 tenants conduct their business in an area of about 5,800 square meters., The facility includes a soba restaurant, steak house, café, and a flower shop, among others.

The old Nouren Market opened in 1953 on a leased land that was owned by the United States Civil Administration. A part of the market was transferred to another location in 1981.

The Urban Renaissance Agency and Naha City created a fundamental plan in 1984 to rebuild the market. The redevelopment that included the Nouren facility and surrounding 3.1 hectares of land started in 2014.

The entire project that includes surrounding municipal housing units and condominiums is scheduled to be complete spring 2020.


10:32 30 May , 2024