Ryukyu Bank Gushikawa Branch receives Good Design Award

The Japan Institute of Design Promotion announced the recipients of the Good Design Awards 2017 on Oct. 4, and the Bank of the Ryukyus Gushikawa Branch, designed by Atelier Kadoguchi, was selected from Okinawa for the honor.

The branch is located on a land readjustment project district. The designers proposed to make it a kind of place where local people feel free to come and visit, based on the history of the place as a prosperous shopping street. Their idea for the cityscape that includes locating parking in the corner of the premises, and keeping a space along a street open as a terrace, were cited as reasons for the award.

Yasunori Kadoguchi of the design studio said, “We designed the facility with an image of a bank that is open to local people. I hope the facility will connect the town and people, and become beloved.”

The Good Design Awards started in 1957, and has become one of the major architectural awards in Japan. There were 4,495 applications this year, of which 1,403 were recognized with the awards. A list of the facilities that received the awards will be introduced in Tokyo Midtown complex in Minato-ku, Tokyo from Nov. 1st through 5th.

08:28 17 Apr , 2024