Soccer stadium for 20,000 audience mulled for near Naha Airport

Okinawa Prefecture officials have come up with a basic plan to build a soccer stadium that meets the requirements for playing J-League soccer games. The prefecture envisions the new stadium to open in fiscal 2023, if the land that currently is used for the Naha Military Port becomes available. According to the plan, the new stadium would have seats for 20,000 in the audience,

As the number of professional soccer games would be between 15 and 21 per year, other functions such as restaurants and shops must be included to create a stable income. The aim is to have a facility where people could gather every day, not only on the game days. As the proposed site is close to the Naha Airport, the facility is expected to attract also tourists in addition to local people.

The stadium complex would be a 6-story building with a total floor area of 47,500 square meters. It would be equipped with large screens, night lighting, VIP rooms, shops and kids’ rooms. Besides the stadium, there would be two warm-up and futsal courts. A parking lot that can hold 330 cars is included in the plan.

The planners estimate the total cost at about ¥17.8 billion.

Okinawa Prefecture Sports Promotion Division says, “We would like to build a facility to the Naha Military Port site that can attract tourists.”


11:34 28 Feb , 2024