Urasoe company exhibits automotive airbrush art

Nakanishi Automobile Service Station in Urasoe City is holding an exhibition of the works of Shinichi Noda, an airbrush artist. in its showroom to celebrate the first anniversary of the company’s imported car business. 26 airbrush paintworks, including a Chevrolet Corvette with three dragons covering its body. The exhibition runs through the end of November.

51-year-old Noda, who is a director of Japan Air Brush Association, learned the airbrush technique by himself and has been in business for 25 years. During his career, he has painted mostly guitars and cars.

He painted the Corvette with three lively dragons. He says, “ I wanted to mix Japanese and American culture, and created the dragons on Japanese washi paper background with matte-finish paint.”

According to Junko Nakanishi, an adviser at Nakanishi Automobile, the Corvette with the dragons is priced at ¥15 million.

Nakanishi Automobile calls for participants to an airbrush painting class for beginners with Noda as the teacher. For details on the class, call Nakanishi at 080-1715-0008.

05:48 01 Mar , 2024