Company turns vacant rooms into exercise gyms for rent

Wise Bank, an Okinawan IT company, has opened its first “Rental Gym”, a gym equipped with exercise machines in a vacant room of a private residence, in Naha. The company aims to increase its gyms to 50 in Okinawa using vacant apartment rooms or houses.

The first gym called “Heya Gym” is built into a vacant room in Ameku 2-chome, Naha City. The equipment includes an exercise machine, bench press, exercise bike and more. It has a kids’ room, bathroom and parking space. A user can choose from a variety of options and use the gym with children, sharing with friends, and so on. Customers can enter the gym using a smart phone app for a key, and exercise at their own pace.

Masaki Okuhama, the president of Wise Bank says, “In this private gym, one can exercise without bothering other people. I hope this would encourage many people to start a custom of exercising.”

The monthly fees for using “Heya Gym” starts from ¥6,600. The company is opening its second private gym in an apartment in Shuri, Naha City, in December. For details, please see their website at or call Wise Bank at 098-963-7799


08:26 30 May , 2024