Man tries to rob officer inside police station

Ishikawa Police arrested Friday 34-year-old Daisuke Yamakawa on suspicion of an attempted robbery. He allegedly pointed a knife at a police officer on duty at Ishikawa Police Station demanding cash. According to police, Yamakawa was not drunk at the time and knew what he did.

According to police, Yamakawa entered the police station through the entrance, pulled out a kitchen knife from a bag, and pointed it to a police officer behind the local affairs division counter.

Other officers who were nearby jumped on him and he was caught in the act and arrested. No one was injured in the incident.

A police officer who had been on duty when the robbery attempt occurred said, “It was so obvious that he would be caught. We just wonder what went on through his mind and he actually wanted to do.”

14:13 14 Jul , 2024