“Noudai Burger” highlights Agricultural College Festival

The 15th Okinawa Prefectural Agricultural College Festival is scheduled for Dec. 2. Visitors to the festival will be able to enjoy shopping green groceries, flowers and Japanese beef among other things at reasonable prices. They can also have a hands-on experience of harvesting daikon radish and atemoya.

Students at the college have also created a special “Noudai Burger” that will be available at the festival. 30 nursery school pupils at Nago Agri Park last Friday got the first taste of the new burger.

The burger is made from beef and lettuce grown at the college. It was created by Motomu Shinzato, the head chef of the “Churashima Kitchen” at the Nago Agri Park.

The burger has a patty made with 100% beef, lettuce, teriyaki sauce, onion, and cheese between slices of mugwort-flavored bun.


21:05 20 Jul , 2024