Nouren Plaza in Naha re-opens

The renovated Nouren Plaza farmers’ market opened in Higawa, Naha City, on Nov. 1st. The new facility was constructed as a part of the complete redevelopment project of the area.

The plaza houses grocery and meat sections, and restaurants on the first floor, intermediate wholesalers and restaurants on the second floor, and parking for 96 cars on the third floor. A total of 120 stores will serve customers in the facility that has a total floor space of 5,809 square meters. Designers of the facility aimed to create an atmosphere where customers can feel old Naha Town.

Next door, a 13-story municipal housing building for 70 families, and a 19-floor-high condominium building for 108 families, plus a separate parking building for 310 cars on four floors are scheduled to go up by 2020.

Merchants in Nouren Plaza have high expectations for the area to be invigorated because of the redevelopment.


23:49 27 May , 2024