Number of single households exceed family households in Okinawa

According to the national census of 2015, “one-person households” in Okinawa account for 32.4%, of the total exceeding the number of “households consisting of a couple and their children” that comprise 30.5% of the total. Nansei (Southwest) Industrial Advancement Center (NIAC) announced the analysis Monday. This is the first time that the number of single households has exceeded the number of family households.

Single households in Okinawa Prefecture have been increasing in the national census that is conducted every five years, while the family households have been decreasing. Now one in three households is the single one. NIAC analyzes that the reason is partly because of the number of unmarried people and elderly widows is increasing, and also because of a high rate of divorce in Okinawa.

The total number of households in Okinawa was 559,215 according to the national census of 2015. The number increased by 40,031 households from 2010, and is 1.5 times more than in 1990. The single households numbered 133,567 in 2005 (27.4%) and 152,589 in 2010 (29.4%). On the contrary, the number of family households was 173,100 in 2005 (35.5%), 172,115 in 2010 (33.2%) and 170,639 in 2015.

By gender, 52.1% of people living in the single households were male exceeding the number of the females. 61.7% of the single male households were men in their 40’s that is the largest segment. On the other hand, females accounted for 59.7% of the single households among people in their 70’s, and 75.7% among people in their 80’s and older.


06:19 01 Mar , 2024