Okinawa has highest rate of businesses with total ban on smoking

The Teikoku Databank Okinawa Branch announced Wednesday results of an awareness survey regarding smoking at businesses in Okinawa.

According to the survey, 32.6% of companies in Okinawa have a “total ban of smoking”. The percentage is the highest in the nation together with Tokyo, as the national average is 22.1%. Juntoku Uchino, the Teikoku Databank Okinawa branch head, said, “We think this is because in Okinawa, the service and real estate industries are prevalent, and people working in these industries must interact with a lot of customers, and that is resulting in the high rate of total ban on smoking.”

58.7% of companies have separate areas for smokers and non-smokers, and more than 90% of companies have restricted smoking in some way.

If a law totally banning smoking in public spaces becomes into effect, 63.0% of companies answered that there would be no impact to them. However, 100% of restaurants answered that “they would expect a negative impact”. The survey was conducted relating to proposals of measurements against passive smoking. The survey was sent between 15th and 30th September to 166 companies in Okinawa. 46 of the companies responded.

06:53 01 Mar , 2024