Okinawan sherbet maker wins World Sherbet Festival

Taizo Shibano, a co-owner of “la Vous” gelato store in Ginowan, and who also has been named a World Gelato Ambassador, won the first prize at the World Gelato Festival in Italy.

Shibano submitted to the competition a gelato made mixing the flavors of pineapple, celery, and apple. His gelato especially draw praise for containing celery that is unusual and not so popular vegetable in Italy.

After winning the prize, Shibano said, “Being a champion is not so big deal, just a simple checkpoint for me. I would like to promote and spread traditional hand-made gelato from Okinawa to the whole world.”

The annual Sherbet Festival held from Sep. 28th to Oct. 1st is the largest in the world, in which 45 participants from all over the world compete with their original gelatos. Shibano is the first Japanese to win this festival competition.

03:12 15 Jun , 2024