Okinawa’s young women like traveling overseas

17.7 percent of Okinawan women in their 20’s traveled overseas in 2016 making them the number one such group in the nation. Younger women in their early 20’s were on the fourth place in the nation in exploring foreign countries.

Reportedly, this is because many international flight services of LCC’s are connecting Okinawa, which enables overseas travel abroad at low price.

The result was announced in a feature article by Jun Hirabayashi in a weekly travel journal Accenture.

The share of women in their 20’s accounts for only 10% of the Japanese population, but they are a big market for travel industry. Experts say there is a tendency with people who often travel abroad in their 20’s to do the same when they grow older, making those people promising customers in the future.

70% of the young women traveling to foreign countries stay less than five days at their destination. “Now that there are many international LCC flights from Naha Airport it’s easy for young people to go abroad taking advantage of the low prices,” Hirabayashi said.

15:45 29 May , 2024