Original Ishigaki marriage certificate offered on city website

Ishigaki City has made its original marriage certificate available on the city’s website. The certificate has a design featuring a pair of Akashoubin birds (ruddy kingfisher), red roof tiles, and Angama masks that depict an old couple and are a symbol of good luck, to inspire good memories of Yaeyama.

This is the city’s first trial, and people can download the certificate from Ishigaki’s website. It can be printed out on an A3 size paper, and submitted to any municipal office anywhere in Japan. The original Marriage Acceptance Certificate will be available from the website from Nov. 22nd for couples who submit a request to Ishigaki City Office to register their marriage. Three different designs made by Ishigakijima Creative Flag will be available.

Ishigaki Municipal Office held a press conference Tuesday to announce the availability of the certificates. Ishigaki City Mayor Yoshinori Nakayama said, “We would be pleased if our original certificates would be used by fans of Yaeyama. We wish many couples come to Ishigaki to receive the Acceptance Certificate that is only available from Ishigaki.”

The Acceptance Certificate is published by the Citizen’s Section of Ishigaki Municipal Office. It costs ¥1,400. For details, contact to the citizen’s section at 0980-82-1260.

07:43 18 Jun , 2024