Participants sought for sports event on Hamahiga Island

A joint sports event of Hama and Higa Wards on Hamahiga Island, Uruma City, is scheduled to take place at a square near Hama Fishing Port at 10 a.m. Sunday. Organizers of the event are welcoming everyone to participate, not only Hamahiga Island residents.

The annual sports event of Higa Elementary and Hama Junior High schools ended in 2012 because of the school integration. The annual event was also the place to cultivate friendships among local people. Following year residents started their own annual joint sports event, which they are trying to expand by inviting everyone to attend.

Yasuhiko Okumura, the headman of Hama Ward, and Takeshi Shinmon, the headman of Higa Ward, said, “We would like to have many participants, especially people who are thinking about moving to the island. This event is a wonderful opportunity to learn the atmosphere of the local community.”

The program includes a tug-of-war and dances.

23:32 23 Jul , 2024