Teacher dismissed for kissing student

Okinawa Prefecture Board of Education announced Thursday that a male teacher in his 20’s who had been teaching at a school on Okinawa Main Island was dismissed as a disciplinary action. The teacher is suspected of having kissed a female student in his class. The teacher reportedly has admitted to the charge.

A person concerned to the female student consulted Okinawa Police. This is the 5th case in the prefecture this year that a teacher has been dismissed as a disciplinary action.

The male teacher allegedly kissed and touched a female student while giving her private educational guidance in the classroom during the school summer break in August. Another student who knew about the incident told another teacher about it in September. The school then reported it to the Board of Education.

Reportedly, the teacher hasn’t recently been teaching at the school. The female student victim comes to school, and school officials say a school counselor has been given her mental counseling sessions.

Akito Hirashiki, the chairman of Okinawa Board of Education, comments, “It’s extremely regrettable to learn that a teacher, who is responsible for children’s education, acted like this. We together with municipal boards of education will ensure that all teachers strictly follow the guidelines.”

Emi Yano, a professor at the University of the Ryukyus Law School, said, “It’s possible that the teacher could be arrested for a crime of indecent assault, even when the victim does not file a complaint.”

01:32 22 May , 2024