Tornado suspected at Peace Memorial Park Friday

A broken prefab hut and fallen trees that were discovered at the Peace Memorial Park in Itoman Saturday morning are suspected of being damaged by a tornado sometime Friday evening.

According to the Okinawa Meteorological Observatory, there was a tornado warning had been issued for Okinawa Main Island for Friday evening, and officials at the observatory say that it’s possible that a tornado occurred this time. The Park was closed all day Saturday for safety. Some of the windows in the Peace Memorial Museum were also broken on Friday, and park officials decided to close it on Saturday.

Okinawa Meteorological Observatory sent staff to investigate the damage Saturday afternoon, but results of the investigation were inconclusive. “It could have been a tornado, but we can’t say for sure yet,” they said.

The Okinawa area atmospheric condition was unstable on Friday and Saturday because moist air on Friday caused inclement weather. The squall with a possible tornado likely occurred between 7 and 8 p.p. on Friday.

14:01 29 May , 2024