Cold New Year 2018 forecast

The Okinawa Meteorological Observatory announced its 3-month weather forecast from January through March on Monday. According to the forecast, the temperature during the period will be lower than average because of inflows of cold air from the continent.

The Observatory expects that the highest temperature on the New Year Day would be 17 degrees centigrade in Naha. This is because “La Nina” weather phenomenon brings causes weather patterns all over the world.

In January, the observatory expects the typical winter pressure pattern, the high-pressure area to the west, and the low-pressure area to the east, would force cold air over Okinawa, bringing average or lower temperatures to the area.

According to the observatory, 2017 has been quite hot. Temperatures exceeding 30 degrees continued 85 days in Naha and Kumejima Island that is the longs hot period ever.

The average temperature from five points in Naha, Kumejima, Miyako, Ishigaki and Yonaguni on Dec. 24 was 24.36 degrees that is 0.6 degrees higher than the average, and the 3rd warmest in history.

The yearly average temperatures from 2015 to 2017 were among the three highest in history. The Observatory says, “This is because of the global warming, and the temperatures in the air are high.”

14:45 25 May , 2024