Digital aquarium planned for new Toyosaki mall

A consortium of companies planning to build a large new large-scale shopping mall in Toyosaki, Tomigusuku City, announced Monday a project to include a digital aquarium in the facility.

The group, a developer of digital games and other content would manage the aquarium that would be the first of its kind in Japan. The facility would be built on a 6.83ha lot of land owned by Daiwa House. The aquarium would display fish native to seas around Okinawa and created with the latest digital technology. Churashima Foundation would assist in the project.

According to a source, the developers aim to open the facility sometime in 2019. In addition to the digital aquarium, the shopping mall would have a large electronics retail store, the first Okinawa store of a supermarket chain, among other tenant stores.

The facility site was a candidate site for a large-scale MIC facility, but when a site in Haebaru was selected, the land was sold to Daiwa House.

Hotels and experimental factories have been planned in the area around the site.

The site is 15 minutes by car from the airport and adjacent to the beach. Developers expect the project to create synergistic economic effects with Outlet Mall Ashibinaa that is in the same area.

01:33 31 May , 2024